Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving and thankfulness

As I write this I am, like many people today, snowbound. I'm stuck at home, unable to drive my little car on the icy roads. No students or clients seem to want to venture out either so I have a day off. Tomorrow looks to be the same as the temperatures will remain below freezing. Rather than fret over the lost income or my lack of productivity, I've decided just to enjoy the day. As I often remind my students, be where your at. Besides, it's Thanksgiving week after all and I have much to be thankful for.

This year, instead of suffering under the flagging economy as unfortunately many small business have, I've watched my business grow and expand. Even August, which is usually a dead month for the studio, did well. I didn't need to cancel any classes during the summer as I have in times past due to low attendance. I've watched some classes even get too full for a time and then balance out. I've learned that there is always an ebb and flow to my classes so when one gets extremely popular, another begins to drop off a bit. (Bear this in mind if you find yourself in a class that gets too full or too empty. Most likely it will change in a couple weeks time.)

My massage practice particularly blossomed this year and I've been blessed with a steady flow of regular clients. Even more exciting is watching their health and lives improve and the opportunity to be a part of it. I've learned so much for each client and feel that everyone I work with has something to teach me about my work. I am always happy to get good feedback from my clients which helps me become a better therapist.

Likewise, my prenatal classes are continually packed. It's hard to believe that a few years ago when I first offered them, only two or three students ever showed up at a time. Now, I have a waiting list for the class and hope to be able to offer more classes in the future as my schedule allows. What I love best about this class though is getting to see the all the cute baby photos and hearing about how the class helped during labor and delivery. It's always a wonderful feeling when I can help ease someone's discomfort.

As I've said many times before, I love my work. I am so blessed to have a job where I am able to help people and get to be part of their healing process. As a fellow yoga teacher and friend of mine says, "We can't really call this work, can we?"

I'd like to say thank you to all my students and clients who have supported me this past year. I am so grateful to be a part of your lives and wellness routine. I thank God for his provision during this past year as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

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